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Our name might have changed but, as we have completed since 1993, we are nonetheless striving to provide our travellers with the ideal achievable knowledge of Asia.

Two designs of eruptive activity usually occur at Etna. Persistent explosive eruptions, often with minor lava emissions, take spot from a single or much more of the 3 prominent summit craters, the Central Crater, NE Crater, and SE Crater (the latter formed in 1978). Flank vents, usually with larger effusion rates, produce eruptions from fissures that open progressively downward from near the summit (normally accompanied by strombolian eruptions at the upper end). Cinder cones are frequently constructed over the vents of decrease flank lava flows. Lava flows extend to the foot of the volcano on all sides and have reached the sea over a broad location on the SE flank.

Mount Etna is linked with the subduction of the African plate under the Eurasian plate, which also developed Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei, but is part of a different volcanic arc (the Calabrian rather than Campanian). A quantity of theories have been proposed to clarify Etna's place and eruptive history, which includes rifting processes , a hot spot , and intersection of structural breaks in the crust. Scientists are nonetheless cheap log cabin weekend breaks debating which best fits their information, and are utilizing a selection of methods to develop a far better image of the Earth's crust below the volcano.

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